The Midwest BDC convenes a number of informal, early working groups to address near-term opportunities for engagement on building decarbonization work as well as to create a space for industry collaboration.


The goal of the equity working group is to create a system where we infuse equity into the broader Coalition and throughout all of the activities of the Coalition’s working groups. ​

Subcommittees ​

  • Equitable Policies​
  • Empowerment Grants, and Participation Stipends ​
  • Equitable Trainings and Education​


The scope of work for the Governance Working Group is: ​

  • Set process to establish interim steering committee/structure of interim steering committee and its members
  • Establish timeline to form an independent board of directors
  • Define what it means to be a member of the Coalition
  • Guide continued planning and leadership structures for new working groups
  • Advise regarding incorporation of private company and utility memberships

Affordable Housing/QAP

Building decarbonization efforts must be equitable and inclusive of affordable housing; our strategies to date focus on starting decarbonization efforts with affordable housing at the outset, rather than in other communities with more resources.  In several states, our focus has been on encouraging state Housing Development Authorities to tighten standards (“QAP”) for more efficient new construction standards for projects built with federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits.


This group focuses on understanding the key health and air quality impacts of burning fossil fuels in buildings and identifying key venues to amplify this learning. ​

Energy, climate, and building professionals who want to incorporate health co-benefits into their work find this group especially useful.​

Local Building Codes and Standards

This working group is focused on state/local level building policy. ​

  • Strong base and stretch code enactment​
  • All-electric/electrification-ready new construction requirements​
  • Building performance standards


The regulatory working group focuses on connecting state advocates with training and stipends that allow participation in utility regulatory proceedings that impact incentive programs, rate design, and the Future of Gas (MN, IL, WI), liaising with large policy and advocacy groups (e.g. RMI, RAP) tracking upcoming utility regulatory proceedings, and engaging on rising gas prices, fuel switching, electrification, and rate payer protection.

Federal Policy

Initial focus on preparing state advocates to capitalize on federal funding allocated in 2022-23 for building energy and climate mitigation work via the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), potential Build Back Better Act (BBA), and Justice40 commitments. 

  • Help disseminate federal funding opportunities to advocates in their state ​
  • Act as liaisons with national working groups including: Federal Electrification Policy Coalition (Rewiring America; weekly, Thursdays at 2 PM CST / 3 PM EST), National Building Electrification Network (RMI; monthly, 1st Wednesday of the month, 12 PM CST / 1 PM EST).

Midwest District Energy Collaborative

Works to identify deep decarbonization “Community Heat Pump” pilot projects as well as engagement opportunities with industry participants/system developers and customers.

Midwest Advanced Water Heating Initiative

A project of the New Buildings Institute, working to equitably accelerate the adoption of heat pump water heaters in the Midwest.

Michigan Building Decarbonization Campaign

Rapidly driving down carbon emissions from Michigan buildings while advancing equitable job opportunities, health benefits, and energy savings.

Coming Soon

  • Faith-Based Working Group
  • Youth Working Group
  • Healing Justice Working Group

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