Midwest BDC Equity Summit
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 10 through Friday, November 12 for a series of presentations, discussions, and strategy sessions with the Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition. Check back for updates to the daily schedule, including speakers and workshops. Click here to register. View the Schedule. View the Panelists. We’re preparing …
Event | Equity & Building Decarbonization Trainings, June 10 & 24
Midwest BDC is kicking off our Coalition training calendar with two June trainings on Equity & Building Decarbonization. Click here to register! Jemez and Environmental Justice Principles 101. June 10 12:30pm EST / 11:30 CST. We talk a lot about Environmental Justice, but what does it mean? How do we …
Announcement | Midwest Environmental Justice Network Grant due June 15
The Midwest Environmental Justice Network (MWEJN) invites Midwest organizations to submit a Request for Information (RFI) by June 15 to be considered for a grant in the Fall of 2021. Fill out the RFI and learn more here. This funding of up to $20,000 will support: Grassroots organizing or education …
Event | Passive House for All Conference
The North American Passive House Network’s annual conference is June 10-11, in NYC and online. The theme Passive House For All is a call to action and a challenge. “The challenge is that we cannot rely on wishful thinking but must invest in the action we want to see.” NAPHN …
Event | The Intersection of Energy and Community, July 8, 15, 22, 29
The transition to an equitable, carbon-neutral economy will bring big changes to our communities. State and federal policies, utility programs, and the overall evolution from a world powered by oil and gas to a clean electricity-powered future, play out in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes. But it’s not just communities …
News | Looking towards a net-zero future, Burlington considers requiring all-electric buildings via VT Digger
Burlington is considering a policy that would set an ambitious energy requirement for new buildings in the city: Either go all-electric, or pay a hefty carbon price.
News | Peak Gas Is Coming to the U.S. Sooner Than Anyone Expected via Bloomberg Green
ne of the largest utilities in the U.S. put $8 billion into a bet that natural gas would dominate American electricity much like coal had before
Jobs | Policy Associate, Energy Access and Equity at Fresh Energy
Are you the type of person who has an interest in advancing regulatory and legislative advocacy in clean energy with a focus on equity and access?
News | Health and environmental experts are coming for your gas stove via New York Post
Health experts are advising to use electric stoves over glass flames.
News | Gas Stoves Are the Scariest Thing in the Kitchen via GIZMODO
As a Climate Person, I strongly believe we urgently need to electrify everything and ditch natural gas completely. The problem is, I love my gas stove.
Webinar | Clean Cooking with Induction: Kick gas out of the kitchen!
Induction stoves are the cleanest way to cook and offer precision, speed, and control without the environmental, health, and safety hazards of gas.
News | Hot real estate tip: An all-electric home will probably save you money – via Grist
Despite the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, at least one sector of the economy seems to be booming: residential construction. Specifically, the construction of single-family homes.
News | Here’s how much it would cost to move every home in the U.S. to zero-carbon energy via Fast Company
A new report looks at what it would take for every household to fully decarbonize. Not only is it feasible with technology that exists today, it finds, but the shift could actually save Americans money.
News | Gas stoves can lead to unhealthy air inside homes, expert warns via KGW8
ORTLAND, Ore — As we shut our windows and insulate our homes for the fall and winter, a warning from air quality experts: That gas stove you're using could be making the air inside your home unhealthy.
News | Editorial: This is easy — new buildings should be designed for a fossil fuel-free future via Los Angeles Times
On the heels of yet another summer of near-record heat, one thing is clear: If humankind is to make meaningful progress in the fight to limit global warming, we must fundamentally alter how we create and consume energy.

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