Study: Methane and NOx Emissions from Natural Gas Stoves, Cooktops, and Ovens in Residential Homes
Eric D. Lebel, Colin J. Finnegan, Zutao Ouyang, and Robert B. Jackson

Published January 2022

Guidelines for Equitable Community Involvement in Building & Development Projects and Policies
by NAACP Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector (CESBS) Initiative
Published 2021

Overextended: It’s Time to Rethink Subsidized Gas Line Extensions
by RMI
Published December 2021

Electrify Everything in Your Home
by Rewiring America
Published December 2021

Electrification of Multifamily Housing in Minnesota

by Fresh Energy & Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Published 2021

Leading with Equity and Justice in the Clean Energy Transition

by Ruth Ann Norton, Jamal Lewis, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

Published 2021

Bringing Infrastructure Home: A 50-state Report on U.S. Home Electrification
by Rewiring America
Published June 2021

Equity and buildings: A practical framework for local government decision makers
Published June 2021

Building decarbonization roadmap
by RMI for the US Climate Alliance
Published June 2021

Under Pressure: Gas Utility Regulation for a Time of Transition
by RAP
Published May 2021

3H Hybrid Heat Homes: An Incentive Program to Electrify Space Heating and Reduce Energy Bills in American Homes
Published May 2021

Net Zero by 2050
by the International Energy Agency
Published October 22, 2020

2020 Midwest Getting to Zero Building List
by NBI and Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition
Published October 22, 2020

Gas Stoves: Health and Air Quality Impacts and Solutions
by Brady Seals, Andee Krasner
Published 2020

Regulatory Solutions for Building Decarbonization

by Sherri Billimoria and Mike Henchen, RMI

Published July 2020

It’s Time to Incentivize Residential Heat Pumps
by By Claire McKenna Amar Shah Mark Silberg, RMI
Published June 2020

UCLA FSPH research investigates the effect of residential gas appliances on air quality and public health in California
Published May 1, 2020

All-Electric New Homes: A Win for the Climate and the Economy
By Claire McKenna, Amar Shah, Leah Louis-Prescott
Published October 15, 2020

New Analysis: Heat Pumps Slow Climate Change in Every Corner of the Country
By Rachel Golden, Cara Bottorff
Published April 23, 2020

Study: Quantifying Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Water Heaters
by Eric D. Lebel, Harmony S. Lu, Simone A. Speizer, Colin J. Finnegan, and Robert B. Jackson
Published April 2020

“Renewable” Gas – A Pipe Dream or Climate Solution?
By Merrian Borgeson 
Published June 15, 2020

Climate Action is Heating Up in Illinois: Here’s the Missing Piece
By Ana Sophia Mifsud, Louise Sharrow
Published September 3, 2020

Equitable Building Electrification: A Framework for Powering Resilient Communities
By Carmelita Miller, Stephanie Chen, Lisa Hu, Isaac Sevier
Published September, 2019

Decarbonizing U.S. Buildings
By Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Published July 2018

Fact Sheets

Coalition One-Pager
from Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition

Heat Pumps for Energy Efficient Homes
from Sierra Club

What the Heck Are Heat Pumps?
by Rachel Golden, Sierra Club


Build Back Electric: This map shows households that can save on their energy bills when they upgrade and electrify the way they heat their homes.
Rewiring America
May 2021

What is the Health Impact of Buildings in your State?
May 2021


A Wartime Plan for Electrifying America
The Energy Gang Podcast
May 2021

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