Member Logo

If you are a MWBDC member, please feel free to use the Member MWBDC Logo (right) when you are promoting or attending an event that aligns with one of our priorities:

  1. Equity
  2. Engagement, Education, and Outreach
  3. Healthy, Affordable, and Energy-Efficient Housing
  4. Utility Engagement
  5. Policy
  6. Workforce Development
  7. Market Transformation
  8. Power Grid Advancement

Click here to download the logo.

Any time you want to highlight that you are part of a larger Coalition and point other people back to MWBDC to learn more about our work, it would make sense to use this logo. Some examples include:

  • You are speaking on a panel or at an event
  • You are signing on to comments or a letter
  • You are publishing a report or other writing

We use the official MWBDC logo (on the top left of this webpage) when MWBDC staff are involved with planning an event or publication. If you want to use the official MWBDC logo for something you’re working on, please contact Maggie ([email protected]).

Event Form

Are you planning or attending an event you want to be uplifted to MWBDC’s audience? Fill out this form with information on your event, and we will share it to our audience via email and social media. Please submit the form at least one week before the event to make sure we have time to plan the promotion!


Click here to view the MWBDC Member letterhead. Please download it to your computer or make a copy before editing it so that everyone can use it!