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Midwest BDC is proud to offer a variety of training sessions each month for members of the coalition and folks looking to grow their knowledge of what we do. From introductory topics to policy deep dives, we strive to meet folks where they’re at. Read on to register for our upcoming trainings, check out the full calendar of events and meetings, and as always – contact us if you have an idea for a training you would like to see offered!

Building Decarbonization 101

How is decarbonization different from efficiency? Why are buildings so important? What’s all this about electrification? Join our Co-Director Jacob Serfling, Manager of Building Policy and Technology, for this overview of Building Decarbonization, and why it’s so critical to do well and to do equitably.

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Climate Justice 101

We talk a lot about Climate Justice – but how do we really put it into practice? This training will dive into the nuts and bolts of understanding the movement, policy efforts, and practical steps to achieve justice. Join us to learn and reflect on some of the core principles of our movement. Facilitated by Marnese Jackson, Co-Director of the Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition.

Feel free to re-orient yourself with the 10 Principles for Just Climate Change Policies in the U.S. ahead of this meeting.

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Utility Commissions, Processes, and Structures: RAP Webinar Series

Thursday, February 23rd. 90 minutes. Live on Zoom. Register now!

Today, nontraditional stakeholders are increasing their engagement with utility commissions. They can benefit from understanding how to improve their access and the effectiveness of their participation. In this webinar, Dave Farnsworth and Camille Kadoch from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) will provide an introductory look at utility commissions, their responsibilities, limitations, and related processes with an eye toward increased public participation.

Optional Reading: Electricity Regulation in the US: A Guide (Second Edition)

  • The Purpose and History of Utility Regulation (Ch. 1-2)
  • Commissions and What does a Regulator Actually Regulate? (Ch. 4,5,24)
  • Participation and Procedure (Ch. 6,7) 

Gas Utility Reform: RAP Webinar Series

Thursday, March 9th. 90 minutes. Live on Zoom. Register now!

Gas utilities are facing an uncertain future. The possibility of a loss of customers is leading these entities to search for low/zero-GHG gas alternatives, despite their cost, limited availability, and air quality concerns. How should policymakers start to reform the regulation of gas utilities to limit risks to ratepayers and promote equitable and efficient decarbonization of the building sector? In this webinar, Mark LeBel and Megan Anderson from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) will explore the topic of gas utility reform and conduct a discussion with participants. 

Optional Reading:   

Fundamentals of Utility Planning: RAP Webinar Series

Thursday, March 23rd. 90 minutes. Live on Zoom. Register now!

One of the most important opportunities in the power sector to advocate for decarbonization, consumer protections, and social equity is to engage in utility resource planning. In this webinar, Elaine Prause and Jessica Shipley from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) will explore the fundamentals of robust utility system planning to support public participation and decision-making in the public interest.   

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