We’ve heard from a number of Coalition members who are interested in doing their own decarbonization work at home, but don’t know where to start! We feel you. It can be hard to find the products, the contractors, and the necessary information.

The good news is, that’s changing. The better news is, you can help speed up the change by increasing demand for all-electric buildings wherever you have influence—at home, at work, in a church or mosque, or in other community spaces.

Building decarbonization means removing the hazard of fossil fuel usage in buildings and facilitating access to carbon-free heating, water heating, and cooking. Sealing air leaks and going all electric are key strategies for doing that.

Here is our working list of resources to learn how to find electric appliances, contractors, financing, and more so that you can start making the switch yourself. Please reach out to us if you have any updates or suggestions about the resources listed here!

General and One-Stop Guides:

Product Reviews and Guides:

  • Carbon Switch: Research, guides, and reviews that help people live more sustainably.

Financing and Incentives:


Multifamily Electrification:

Next step: organize your community

Know a resource we missed? Please share updates or feedback with Eric.

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