PRAIRIE ISLAND, Minn., Sept. 9, 2020–The Prairie Island Indian Community has issued an RFP for a technical services consultant to help create an energy system for the Tribe that results in net-zero emissions.

The Minnesota Legislature approved a $46 million appropriation for the Prairie Island Net Zero Project during the 2020 Legislative Session. The money comes from the State’s renewable development account, which was established as a condition of allowing Xcel Energy to temporarily store nuclear waste in dry casks outside its nuclear power plant that is adjacent to the Tribe’s reservation.

“The net zero project is a transformation opportunity for our Tribe; we can reshape our energy future,” said Tribal Council President Shelley Buck. “For too long, our Tribe has been burdened by the negative impact of energy production, specifically nuclear power and nuclear waste. This legislation gives us the power to change that narrative and use energy production as a force for good.”

The selected Vendor will help the Tribe develop and execute a project plan, including elements such as governance, community engagement, feasibility, technical analysis, possible creation of a tribal utility, and more.

The RFP will proceed according to the following schedule:
1) RFP Issue Date: September 8, 2020
2) Initial Submission Due from Respondents: (Notice of Intent to Respond – Attachment B) September 28, 2020
3) Informational Video Conference Call October 1, 2020
4) Response Submission Deadline October 12, 2020
5) Short List Selection & Presentations: October 19, 2020
6) Potential Negotiations: November 2020
7) Final Selection: & Contract Execution November 2020


About the Prairie Island Indian Community

The Prairie Island Indian Community, a federally recognized Indian Nation, is located in southeastern Minnesota along the banks of the Mississippi River, approximately 30 miles from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Twin nuclear reactors and 44 large steel nuclear waste storage casks sit about 700 yards from Prairie Island tribal homes. A total of 98 casks could be stranded on Prairie Island indefinitely unless the federal government fulfills its commitment to create a permanent storage solution. The only evacuation route off the Prairie Island is frequently blocked by passing trains. The Tribe has been pushing for the removal of the nuclear waste since 1994 when Xcel Energy was first allowed to store the waste near its reservation. On the web:   

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